March 30, 2010

Japan Hotels Pics

In Japan, hotels can be divided into four basic categories.
First, there is the ryokan.
There are many ryokans in Shizuoka Prefecture’s hot spring towns.
The buildings are traditional Japanese style and the rooms have tatami mats.
They are equipped with a large hot spring bath which guests can use freely.
A smaller version of a ryokan is the minshuku.
These are family run guest houses with a warm, homely atmosphere.
The rooms are smaller than in a ryokan, but many make up for this in the wonderful homemade food that they serve.
There are also city hotels and business hotels.
City hotels are generally very luxurious and there are many world-famous chain hotels and long established Japanese hotels which offer excellent foreign language services.
These large-scale hotels are located around train stations and in resort areas.
Business hotels are comparatively cheaper and have long been used by workers on business trips, however recently they have begun offering a prominent and hospitable service aimed at tourists.

Japan Hotels
Japan Hotels

Japan Hotels
Japan Hotels

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